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Running Program   Runnersway Beginner Runner Training Runnersway sports performance is pleased to offer its training programme to runners who are beginners or now starting a fitness program and wish to use a professionally designed program to help achieve their running goals. The training program provides a comprehensive training program that allows the beginner runner or fitness person to achieve their desired goal. Running Challenges Feeling out of Breath or pain when running How to lose weight or burn fat effectively with running How to train for a 5k and what’s a good time for a 5k Runnersway Training Will provide: Running specific drills that will minimize injury and improve and strengthen your running style. Specific exercises that improve leg and core strength. Beginners level interval training to burn fat and reduce weight. 2 -3 days of 0 – 5k training that will effectively eliminate huffing and puffing. Benefits Improves your cholesterol control, aids in reducing high blood pressure , boost your immune system and improves overall cardiovascular (Heart ) health Lose weight Running improves your energy level combined with a healthy diet you can dramatically improve your energy level. You can train for a specific goal which helps your motivation to exercise. Runnersway Sports Performance is dedicated to the improvement of all health, fitness, and athletic goals of beginners and other fitness individuals. Training Days Tuesday Thursday 5 – 6am Location Garfield Sobers Gymnasium