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Sara’s First Marathon This is my summary for the marathon:   Running my first 26.2 miles was a whole new experience. I had to complete it in pouring rain and hail the entire time!! I started with frozen toes which didn’t unfreeze until mile four! I had to run through mud and water it was like cross-country! Frozen and fingers and toes by mile 16 all the way to the end! I really don’t know how I got through the last 6 miles the wind was against me and I wanted to cry between mile 22 and 23. I COULD NOT STOP SHIVERING AT THE END!! The foil did nothing for me!!! Nevertheless, The race was well organized, various water stops, Gu stops and sports drink stops. The only downfall was the baggage collection at the end totally disorganized!!   In the end, I could not help smiling when I crossed the finish line, the feeling of having done something only a small percent of the world’s population can do was unbelievable!   Sara xx   Doug’s First Marathon Well Kinda off A Team Effort Hi Des … I had a great short visit from Tina last week in Ottawa (she was there for a conference) and it was good to catch up on news from Barbados and updates on Chicago marathon preparations.  Two updates I wanted to pass on from this end.  The first was taking part in the ‘Kabul Marathon’ at the beginning of September as part of a relay team.  This is a great approach for those of us unable to manage the full course .. we were (in theory anyway) a team of 4, each doing about 10k.  The course was set at the American Embassy compound and we were running 2k circuits around the compound, including crossing under a major road via a tunnel, with steep ramps on each side.   Our team was reduced to two, unfortunately, so we each did 10k, my time was 59 minutes which was OK I guess, considering the altitude (5800 feet), the ramps and the convoluted course.  A week ago, back in Ottawa, I took part in the Army Run, a relatively new event that raises money for Canadian army families.  It’s grown quickly into a pretty big event — some 16,000 runners this year. with 5k and half-marathon events.  The weather was perfect and conditions were good. and I completed 5k in 25:06, a full two minutes better than my previous best.  Working at altitude in Kabul and all the good training with you paid off!    Thanks for your patience and encouragement!  I’m attaching our Kabul marathon picture (with two colleagues from the office).  Notice the Runnersway hat which made it all the way to Kabul successfully!  all the best,  Doug Yolanda’s Edinburgh Marathon Adventure Hi Des:   I finished the marathon-  hippeeJ!!  The weather conditions were not kind. 12c and gusty winds all the way but especially between miles 12 and 20. That route was exposed to the water on one side with trees on the other and fewer spectators because the area was more remote. In spite of that,  I did the half in 2hrs 10mins and wasn’t doing too bad but at mile 23 I had some murderous cramps – left calf and right thigh…geez. I have never experienced cramps in my life and those were bad. I had to walk most of the way to the finish with a little chip at the end. From my watch I did it in 4hr 47mins – a bit disappointed but I am proud I was able to finish it. The spectator support was magnificent and all in all an unforgettable experience