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Welcome to The Runnersway training program for runners of all abilities.  Are you trying to qualify for Boston, improve your 5K time, complete the Run Barbados Half or full Marathon then we are the training program for you. Runnersway is dedicated to supporting you all the way to the finish line.

Runnersway originated out of the need for runners to have structured and free style running that would improve the novice runner in technique efficiency and reduce common injuries.

Since then we have expanded our training programs to include a scientific approach to training using various training paces to help you achieve your goals. Our summer training programs stresses free running and we have a hill workout every Monday all year round.

Runnersway is led by Desmond Rowe National Academy of Sports Medecine Performance Enhancement Specialist and American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Specialist, 3rd Place, age group finisher in Run Barbados 2010 Marathon. 

We have programs all year round. Our marathon training program begins in January each year.

Runnersway offers many different programs which are designed to meet all your running needs.

Video instruction on running technique, core training and various other topics is available on the website or Facebook page.

Runners from all clubs are welcome to join.