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Marathon Story

September 26th 2010, Bib#1926

Official Chip time 4:15:32

It was sometime in February 2010 that the Marathon talk came up…….crazy Shannon asked me if I wanted to do one and I laughed and told her I was working on my 10k and that was good enough for me.

With about 2 seconds of coaxing me I decided ok why the hell not, and with that we were registered, paid, hotel booked and even flights.  We were missing one small minor detail…we had to start to train and fine the best programme that suited us and our “family/work” lifestyle so as not to upset any apple cart.

It was hard but we managed to fine one.

And so the next week the training began…….run 3, 5ks a week and a 6k.  We totally had it under control until we stated to look ahead at what was to come.

I was stressing  cause 10k was quickly approaching and I had NEVER run more than an 8k.

I remember the morning at warrens  when we were about to start our 10k run, it was as if I had a marathon to do and I was stressed.  4:30am we set out and Shannon said lets just do it under the hour, we can totally do that, I was like um, maybe you but  I doubt I can.  For those of you who have ever ran with or seen Shannon run she is a HORSE!  Ok so down the road we go, I was huffing and puffing and before we know it we were finish in less than an hour, I felt amazing!!

The mileage went up quickly from there and before we knew it we were running 10k’s and 16’s by 2 all in one week.

So now of course the injuries beginL Phone calls to des, what should I do, visit to Liz at the gym complaining bitterly about this horrible pain that won’t go away.  Des says rest and needless to say we walked away saying ok…did we ever really rest, NO!!! 

Then before we know it MAJOR injuries, (crap we should have listened to Des)

Training was at a stand still and needless to say we were miserable.  Funny enough our injuries kind of came at the same time so we got to complain to each other over and over.

Injuries fixed and off we go again, building back up to the distance that we stopped at before we got injured.  Injured again and back to Des and Liz, this time we have learnt Des knows best we better rest!

I have learnt that while training for such a grueling event that things will crop up, injuries will happen and sometimes you need to let it go and not stress!

Shannon and I trained well together, she pushed me to my limits and I was able to but the reigns on her sometimes and remind her we have 23k to do today so you just slow down girly!

We were always able to get running partners and for that Thank-you…Rachel, Melissa, Janelle, Christina(we started out together), Tina, and Dustin of course faithful  Saturday morning runs with Des.

Our last long run in Bim was 32k and then back off week.  Well that was so damn hard to do!  Busses, trucks, heat, hills, pot holes.  Richard (my wonderful hubby) driving along the highway with our kids in the car seeing when and if we needed water.  At the end of that run I looked at Shannon and told her my Marathon goal is JUST TO FINISH!!!!

2 days away from the Marathon, we arrive in Toronto and boy is it cold, but ok we can handle this.  The expo on the Saturday was so exciting, new running gear on display, sports drinks all over to try……and then we hit the back of this huge room.  “ FULL MARATHONE”  the sign said and there were our names and numbers!   Off we go to pick up our chips, packs etc…the vibe in the room was super exciting and we were totally hyped up.  Richard and William at our side cracking jokes here and there and telling us they gunna run toJ

Pasta dinner on Saturday night….CARB UP BABY!!!!! That is what I will say about  thatJ off we go to our separate rooms to put our clothes out and hope get to sleep so we have feel fresh tomorrow.


5am get up fuel up and use the toilet as much as possible before we head out. Bathroom every few minutes…NERVES!!!

Kiss the hubbys good bye and tell them, “SEE YA ON DE ROAD”

We reach the start in masses of people.  Some doing 10k some half and some full so you can only imagine.  Oh by the way there were a total of 23000 runners.

Music on the side of the road, people cheering and then over the loud speaker we hear  RUNNERS THE GUN WILL GO OFF IN ONE MINUTE!!

Shannon and I take each other’s hands and she says a prayer and we grip each other tightly. 

And we are off……………….

Excited and laughing along the way we then remember, ha-ha we are in the Marathon after all the time put in we are finally here.

1k we see the boys and big smiles, 4 k see them again and big smiles……even at the half when we see them BIG smiles and we were like hi whoo!!

Then it hits us, we have to do that distance ALL OVER again, plus a piece more.  We eventually fall into our paces with Shannon ahead of me and Tina ahead of her.   We are all comfortable and doing our thing!

We saw people cramp, fall, walking but as I passed them all I still hoped they could finish.  I know what it means to be here after all the training.

NEVER ever judge someone and say they could never make it, there were people ahead of us, big, small, OLD, and some with a very strange run but they are in it to do a personal best…GOOD FOR THEM!!

36k-37k I had to dig and when I tell yuh dig I mean dig and dig deep!!!   The hills by the way all came from 30k and onwards, GO FIGURE!!

I ran and I looked at my watch REFUSING for it to go past a 6:15 pace, no way sorry not gunna happen today.  So I dig a little deeper and I was able to keep a steady 5:45 – 6:10ish pace for the rest of the race.  There was one hill that I was around a 7 pace but I decided I was gunna beat it, it wasn’t gunna beat meJ


I tunnel of balloons as you approach 40k, taking you all the way to the finish!!  William on the side taking pics and bbming Rich at the finish saying she’s coming she’s coming.  I dig deep deep and use every last ounce left in me to get to the finish clocking in at 4:15


Wobbly legs, aches and pains, shaking with excitement and an over whelming appreciation for all of you who got me to 42.2k!! You all contributed in so many ways and it carries you to the finish when you have nothing to give.  The phone calls, msgs, bbms the words were  motivating me to get me to the end!!

Thank so much mum, dad and Rich for putting up with it!

Shannon and Tina, you both did amazing and I am so very proud of those awesome times!! WHOOP WHOOP GIRLSJ