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Runnersway next Major Marathon – Chicago 2014

Only lunatics run marathons, right? Wrong! They are a great target for getting fit and healthy, and are an opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause. Here are some of the top Marathons in the world.:

1. New York City — 43,660 participants, and takes place on 4th November 2012.

2. London — 36,549 participants, and takes place on 22nd April 2012.

3. Berlin — 35,035 participants, and takes place on 30th September 2012.

4. Chicago — 33,703 participants, and takes place on 7th October 2012.

5. Paris — 30,976 participants, and takes place on 15th April 2012.

6. Tokyo — 30,182 participants, and takes place on February 2013.

7. Boston — 22,540 participants, and takes place on April 15th 2013.

8. Marine Corps in Washington DC –  20,882 participants, and takes place on 28th October 2012.

9. Disney World Orlando — 16,933 participants, and takes place on 10th January 2013

10. Hamburg — 15,147 participants, and takes place on 29th April 2012

The marathons will require you to estimate the time you will take in order that they can stagger the start of the race. It’s better for your morale to be at the back of a fast group (and overtake people every so often) than at the front of a slow group (and get overtaken!) 

Good luck!

 2013 Runnersway next Major Marathon – Berlin 2012

The story of the BERLIN-MARATHON is a story of the development of road running. When the first BERLIN-MARATHON was started on 13th October 1974 on a minor road next to the stadium of the organisers‘ club SC Charlottenburg Berlin 286 athletes had entered. The first winners were runners from Berlin: Günter Hallas (2:44:53), who still runs the BERLIN-MARATHON today, and Jutta von Haase (3:22:01).

In 2008 Haile Gebrselassie was aiming to better his world mark again in order to push it as far below the standing mark as possible to make it as much out of reach for contenders as possible. Favourable weather conditions (sunny, no wind, 14-18 degrees Celsius), timely pacing (62:04 minutes at the halfway mark) and an unexpected contender to run with the champion far longer than expected (Kenyan James Kwambai) made for a perfect race. Haile Gebrselassie finally ended up with breaking 2:04 hours by one second ( 2:03:59 hrs). In the women´s race German runner Irina Milkitenko who ended up in second place in her first attempt at the marathon in 2007 in Berlin clocked 2:19: 19 hrs to win her second marathon (after London in the spring) and set a national record. A few weeks later she was honoured as the winner of the World Marathon Majors women´s competition earning 500.000 US dollars. 35.783 finishers made the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2008 the second largest marathon in the world.

Hey I like this. This convention is well laid out.

Des on the left I have my gear feel like a dude!

Left Nike Chicago 26.2 wall with all the Marathoners names on. Above proof that you can find your name. Who will be Next?

On the Magnificent Mile heading to the start of the marathon you pass Marilyn Munroe and Michael Jordan’s Steak House

(left picture)From Friday they starting closing off roads for the Marathon these guys mean business. Nite time shopping on the Magnificent Mile

Lots of Shopping Day or nite also lots of Pizza was selling its not in the picture But Gino’s was real popular was a long line for that restaurant needless to say I left Chicago with a bellyful  : )

On the weekend we learnt of the unfortunate passing of Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple. Outside the store people were placing sticky notes with sayings like ‘Job well done!’  and also they were candles and real plastic and apples painted white laid at the store in a memorial. On the right flyers were posted of Steve Jobs as well as Chicago marathon flyers.

Stripped down time to go to the starting corrall

on the left the massive crowd at the start. Above somewhere on there is Des finishing the course.

There are 10 course landmarks on this course that you may miss while on the course but here are a few.

1 Willis tower formerly called the Sears Tower the tallest building in North America Mi 13

2 United Center home of the Chicago Bulls Mi 17

3 Joe DiMaggio Statute Mi 17 – 18

4 Chinatown gate Mi 21 – 22 real kung fu music played while passing through there.

5 Chicago White Sox home field Mi 22 – 23

Above Melissa cooling the Marathon Knees. Left Marathoners relaxing in the park